Vulnerability Scanning

Defend your digital space with Kaspersky Internet Security’s advanced Vulnerability Scanning. Proactively identify and patch weaknesses for robust online protection.

Here are some key features:-

  1. Proactive Detection: Identifies potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  2. Automatic Patching: Seamlessly updates software to eliminate known vulnerabilities.
  3. Web Application Security: Extends protection to web-based interfaces for comprehensive defense.
  4. Network Monitoring: Monitors and prevents intrusions, enhancing overall network security.
  5. Zero-Day Threat Defense: Equipped to defend against emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for users of all technical levels.
  7. Scheduled Scans: Conveniently runs scans at user-defined times without disruptions.
  8. Detailed Reporting: Provides comprehensive reports and actionable insights.
  9. Continuous Monitoring: Adapts to evolving threats, ensuring persistent protection.
  10. Seamless Integration: Harmoniously integrates with Kaspersky’s broader security framework.