Avast Internet Security

“Avast Internet Security: Your digital fortress against online threats. Advanced protection for a secure online experience. Browse, shop, and bank with confidence.”

Here are the Key Features of  Avast Internet Security:

  1. Advanced Threat Detection: A powerful antivirus engine detects and blocks malware in real time.
  2. Firewall Protection: A robust firewall safeguards your system against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.
  3. Secure Online Transactions: Ensures safe online banking and shopping with added layers of protection.
  4. Privacy Protection: Guards your personal data and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  5. Wi-Fi Security: Detects vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network and secures it from potential threats.
  6. Ransomware Shield: Blocks ransomware attacks, protecting your files and important documents.
  7. Automatic Software Updates: Keeps your software up-to-date to eliminate vulnerabilities and enhance security.
  8. Email Security: Filters out phishing emails and malicious attachments for a secure inbox.
  9. Behavioral Analysis: Advanced technology monitors and analyzes program behavior for proactive threat detection.
  10. Safe Browsing: Blocks unsafe websites and malicious downloads, ensuring a secure online experience.
  11. Secure DNS: Helps to prevent DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking, ensuring that your internet connection is secure and not redirected to malicious websites.
  12. Password Manager: Some versions include a password manager to help you generate and store strong, unique passwords for your various accounts.