Avast BreachGuard

Avast BreachGuard is like the superhero for your personal data, standing guard against potential breaches and cyber threats.

Here are the Key features of  Avast BreachGuard:

  1. Data Breach Monitoring:  Avast Breach Guard watches the internet closely to alert you quickly if your personal info might leak.
  2. Identity Theft Protection:  Avast Guard defends identity theft, warning if your info’s involved in shady dark web activities.
  3. Secure Browsing: This ensures your online safety by blocking bad websites and fake tricks, preventing accidental disclosure of important information.
  4. Password Protection:  Boosts password security by detecting weak or compromised passwords, prompting updates for enhanced protection.
  5. Financial Protection:  Secures financial info and transactions by monitoring for unusual activity that may signal fraud.
  6. Privacy Dashboard:  This gives you a main spot to handle and keep an eye on your online privacy choices, letting you decide what info can be seen.
  7. Email Breach Protection:  Scans email accounts for breaches and notifies if any email addresses are compromised.
  8. Personal Data Removal:  This helps you remove your personal info from websites, reducing the risk of sensitive data exposure.