Avast Cleanup & Boost Pro for Android

Avast Cleanup & Boost Pro for Android is like a superhero for your phone, sweeping in to declutter and supercharge its performance.

Here are the Key Features of Avast Cleanup & Boost Pro for Android:

  1. Junk File Cleaner: Clears out unnecessary files and app data to free up storage space and boost performance.
  2. RAM Booster: Optimizes RAM usage, ensuring your device runs smoothly by closing background apps and processes.
  3. App Manager: Helps you uninstall unused apps and bloatware, reclaiming space and improving efficiency.
  4. Battery Saver: Extends battery life by identifying and managing power-draining apps and settings.
  5. Photo Cleaner: Identifies and suggests removal of duplicate or low-quality photos, saving space in your gallery.
  6. Automatic Cleaning: Schedule regular cleanups to keep your device in top shape without manual intervention.
  7. Ad Detector: Removes annoying ads and pop-ups from apps, enhancing your overall user experience.
  8. One-Tap Maintenance: Offers a quick and easy way to optimize your device with a single tap for instant improvements.
  9. Performance Statistics: Provides insights into your device’s performance, allowing you to track improvements over time.
  10. Secure your Data: Ensures the safe removal of sensitive files, protecting your privacy during the cleanup process.
  11. Duplicate Photo Cleaner: Free up space by removing identical photos.
  12. Storage Analyzer: Visualize and manage storage usage efficiently.
  13. Automatic Cleaning: Schedule regular cleanups for convenience.