AVG Ultimate for Android

AVG Ultimate for Android offers comprehensive security and performance optimization, protecting your device from threats while enhancing its speed and efficiency.

Here are the Key features of  AVG Ultimate for Android:

  1. Antivirus Protection: AVG Ultimate provides real-time protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious threats.
  2. Anti-Theft: In case your device is lost or stolen, AVG Ultimate helps you locate, lock, or wipe your device remotely to protect your personal data.
  3. App Lock: You can secure your sensitive apps with a PIN or fingerprint to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Performance Boost: The app includes features to optimize your device’s performance by cleaning junk files, freeing up storage space, and extending battery life.
  5. Wi-Fi Security: AVG Ultimate scans Wi-Fi networks for potential security risks and protects your device from unsafe connections.
  6. Photo Vault: It allows you to encrypt and hide your private photos to keep them secure.
  7. App Insights: AVG provides insights into your app usage, helping you identify resource-intensive apps and manage them for better performance.
  8. VPN (Virtual Private Network): Some versions of AVG Ultimate may include a VPN for secure and private internet browsing.
  9. Safe Web Surfing: The app checks websites for potential threats and warns you before you visit malicious sites.
  10. Device Lock: You can set up a PIN to lock your device remotely if it’s lost or stolen.