office 2019 pro upgrade

Upgrade to Office 2019 Pro for a productivity boost! Unleash powerful features like advanced data analysis in Excel, enhanced inking in all Office apps, and new presentation features in PowerPoint.

Here are the key features of the Office 2019 Pro upgrade:

  1. Classic Applications: You get the classic Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with all the latest updates and features.
  2. Enhanced Inking in All Office Apps: Whether you’re an artist or just love to scribble notes, the inking features in Office 2019 Pro are top-notch. You can draw, annotate, and express yourself in various Office applications.
  3. New Data Analysis Features in Excel: If you’re a spreadsheet wizard, you’ll appreciate the new features in Excel. There are more advanced formulas, new charts, and improved PowerQuery integration for better data analysis.
  4. Visual Animation Features in PowerPoint: Your presentations will be more engaging with the new animation features in PowerPoint. You can add smooth transitions and dynamic movements to captivate your audience.
  5. Morph and Zoom in PowerPoint: These are like magic tools for presentations. Morph creates smooth transitions between slides, and Zoom lets you create interactive, non-linear presentations.
  6. Improved Focus Mode in Word: If you’re easily distracted, the enhanced Focus Mode in Word helps you stay concentrated on your writing by minimizing distractions.
  7. Server Enhancements: For businesses, Office 2019 Pro comes with server enhancements in SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype for Business. This means improved communication and collaboration within your organization.
  8. Better In-App Translation: Language barriers are no match for Office 2019 Pro. You can now translate words, phrases, or entire documents within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.