New windows

This computer system, as of my last update in September 2021, is a big step forward in Microsoft’s promise to give you a better, safer, and easier-to-use experience on your computer.

Here are the key features of New Windows:

  1. Start Menu: It reintroduced the Start Menu, combining the traditional menu with Live Tiles from Windows 8.
  2. Cortana: In Windows 10, they added Cortana, a virtual assistant, so you could use voice commands and get personalized help.
  3. Microsoft Edge: They brought in the Edge browser to replace Internet Explorer in a fresh way, with a new engine and extra features.
  4. Universal Windows Platform (UWP): Apps designed for UWP could run on different devices, so you get a similar experience whether you’re using a computer, tablet, phone, Xbox, or other gadgets.
  5. Virtual Desktops: It allows users to create and manage multiple desktops, helping to organize and switch between different tasks or projects.
  6. Task View: This feature allows users to see all open windows and virtual desktops, making it easier to navigate and switch between different applications.
  7. Action Center: A centralized location for notifications and quick access to settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness.
  8. Continuum: This feature aims to provide a seamless transition between tablet and desktop mode on hybrid devices.
  9. Security Features: It became more secure with stuff like Windows Defender Antivirus for protection, Windows Hello for logging in with your face or fingerprint, and BitLocker to encrypt and safeguard your data.
  10. Widgets: Widgets were reintroduced, offering personalized news, weather, calendar, and other updates directly on the desktop.
  11. Direct integration with Microsoft Teams: It had Teams integrated directly into the taskbar for seamless communication.
  12. Gaming Improvements: It came with enhancements for gaming, including support for auto HDR, DirectStorage, and a new Xbox app.
  13. Performance Improvements: Microsoft aimed to make it more resource-efficient and responsive compared to its predecessor.