office 2019 pro vs office 2019

Office 2019 Pro and Office 2019 are both productivity suites by Microsoft. The Pro version offers advanced features like Access and Publisher, ideal for business and professional use.

Here are the key features of Office 2019 Pro vs. Office 2019:

  1. Applications:
    • Office 2019 includes essential applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
    • Office 2019 Pro includes the same core applications along with additional tools like Publisher, Access, and Skype for Business.
  2. Collaboration and Communication:
    • Both versions support collaboration features, but Office 2019 Pro may have enhanced communication tools, especially with Skype for Business. This is useful for professional environments where online meetings and communication are crucial.
  3. Database Management:
    • Access, a database management system, is included in Office 2019 Pro but is not part of the standard Office 2019 package. This is beneficial for users who need to create and manage databases.
  4. Desktop Publishing:
    • Publisher, a desktop publishing application, is included in Office 2019 Pro. This is useful for creating professional-looking publications, marketing materials, and other design-related documents.
  5. Business Intelligence:
    • Office 2019 Pro may have enhanced business intelligence features, especially in Excel. This can include advanced data analysis tools and capabilities for users who need powerful data processing and visualization.
  6. Price:
    • Office 2019 Pro is typically more expensive than the standard Office 2019 package due to the inclusion of additional applications and features.